so you want to be a swinger

That's awesome! We love swinging with new people. The best additions to our camp arrive through word of mouth, as friends of friends. We're also open to meeting complete strangers too. 

Our camp is an even mix of TTS veterans, BM veterans camping with us for the first time, and novices experiencing the playa for the first time. We thrive on diversity with campmates swinging in from all over the continent—and beyond! Quebec, Pennsylvania, and Texas in the house!

A few things to know about us: 

  • We encourage maximum immersion in the environment, which means we discourage the use of RVs, preferring to have none in camp (though exceptions have been made).

  • We provide basic amenities, including a kitchen, water, electricity, light, and fire. Last year, we even had a shower, which was a super-delicious addition.

  • We have a budget and a plan to provide tent shade this year.


Work hard, swing harder! Everyone who camps with us is expected to help out with the following jobs:

Camp Host
The primary mandate of a theme camp is INTERACTIVITY. Camp Hosts are how we ensure that TTS meets that mandate head on. TTS is primarily a day-time camp, with two 5-hour hosting shifts from 11a-3p and 3p-8p, Sunday to Sunday. During that time you stay in camp and greet visitors. You're welcome to be as straight or silly as you please. Costumes and characters are highly encouraged, and you can play your own music the whole time. 

Camp Cleaning

Leave No Trace doesn’t only happen at the end of the event. A clean camp is a welcoming camp, so every day we ask someone to spend about an hour picking up the common areas, servicing the trash and recycling stations, and checking the gray water. It’s not a glamorous job; in fact, it’s frequently over-looked and under-appreciated—except when it isn’t done.

Camp Supper
We create community by eating supper together. Each night, a small team (2-3 people) prepares a meal of their own planning for the rest of the camp. We will definitely partner experienced people with novices, so this a great way for senior and junior campmates to work together. For one night's work, you eat supper the rest of the week without lifting a finger--though you DEFINITELY need to wash your own plate and utensils all week long. 

Camp Strike
The Exit Crew is less attractive than Early Arrival, but the bitter end is where we separate the Burners from the burn-outs. Camp Strike begins on Sunday (for TTS Vets this is an important change) with preparations like food inventory, kitchen break-down, and bike wrangling. You are STRONGLY encouraged to stay for the Temple Burn on Sunday night. Starting bright and early Monday morning, we empty the primary structures, break them down, and load them up. Monday night we sleep in a skeleton camp. Tuesday morning we pack our bones, then MOOP Sweep and depart the playa. And the job doesn’t end there! In Reno, we also need to transfer the camp infrastructure into storage, clean the rental vehicles, and return them. We appreciate that this is a lot to ask; at this point, everyone is tired, cranky, and ready to be done. Really done. But bailing out in Reno is like walking away from a big feast without offering to help with the dishes. The end of the road is where the 10 Principles REALLY come into play. Don’t be a burn-out. Be a BURNER!


We have a Camp Fee that provides the operating funds to make camp improvements, pay storage and transportation expenses for the camp infrastructure, and stock up on miscellaneous supplies like sunscreen and batteries for the whole camp. Camp Fees also include food, meals, water, ice, fuel, power, fire, shower, and shade. It’s basically everything except booze. That you bring yourself. Whatever you like to drink. Plus some to share. Don’t forget to share.

If you're interested in camping with us, your next step is to make CONTACT. Tell us something about yourself, the size of your group, how many times you've been on the playa, etc. Then we'll schedule a video conference call with the co-leads; it's important for us to look you in the eyes and hear your voice.