Interested in camping with us? That's awesome! We love to meet and camp with new people. First-time burners are welcome. 

Camp is a roughly even mix of returning TTS veterans, BM veterans camping with us for the first time, and novices experiencing the playa for the first time. In addition to a contingent from NYC (including the co-TCOs), we have campmates from Montreal, London, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Asheville NC. We prefer to have people join our camp through word of mouth, as friends of friends. That said, we're definitely open to meeting complete strangers. 

A few other things to know about us: 

  • we take the 10 Principles as seriously as anything can be taken at Burning Man
  • we discourage RVs, and prefer to have none in camp (though exceptions have been made)
  • we're water conservative, e.g., no camp shower
  • we have limited shade for tents: one 20' x 12' canopy with shade cloth awnings, but there's plenty of communal shade space for napping.

We have three camp jobs that everyone helps with:

Camp Host
For one 6-hour shift, you stay in camp to greet visitors. You're welcome to be as straight or silly as you please. There's also a bit of maintenance, like cleaning the common areas and servicing LNT stations. If you were to camp with us, we'd give you plenty of support to do this, right up to partnering you with a senior member if the idea of being in charge is enormously daunting. 

Camp Supper
We create community by eating supper together. Each night, a small team (2-3 people) will prepare a meal of their own planning for the rest of the camp. We will definitely partner experienced people with novices, so this a great way for senior and junior campmates to work together. For one night's work, you eat supper the rest of the week without lifting a finger--though you will need to wash your own plate and utensils. 

Camp Strike
We ask that everyone help strike camp during the day on Sunday, regardless of whatever condition your in from the night before. If you need to leave BRC before Sunday, please notify the Exodus Coordinator as there will definitely be something you can do to share the work load. 

We have a Camp Fee that provides us with the operating funds to make camp improvements, pay storage and transportation expenses for the camp infrastructure, and stock up on miscellaneous supplies like sunscreen and batteries for the whole camp. 

We have an optional Meal Plan that covers basic food and beverages. This is separate from the food you buy to make your Camp Supper.  

If you're interested in camping with us, your next step is to make CONTACT. Tell us something about yourself, the size of your group, how many times you've been on the playa, etc. Then we'll schedule a video conference call with the co-leads; it's important for us to look you in the eyes and hear your voice.