This is a rough plan. Soon as we've confirmed our event schedule, times will be posted here.

Opening SWING + DOME Lighting

Sunday Evening

It's our 10th Year, and we're inviting everyone to celebrate with us. Join us on our extra wide porch swing and enjoy the show as we illuminate our domes, do a little dance, and make a little love. Get down tonight!

Flower Yoga

repeats Monday, Tuesday morning

For one hour, we will join forces and create radial patterns using basic yoga poses. This is next-level partner work, that's accessible to everyone, even total beginners. Be a petal on the blossom of life. 


Monday afternoon

You need it bad. You've been knuckle deep in the playa for days. You've got callouses on top of your callouses. Time to clean those cuticles, trim those nails, and get your hands ready to touch something softer than rebar. Vinegar solution, hand lotion, and nail polish will be supplied. 

trapeze class

repeats Monday, Tuesday afternoon

Learn to mount, swing, and dismount under the guidance of a circus clown. 


Tuesday afternoon

See the world like a bee with honeycomb-vision! In this DIY crafting workshop, we'll make and decorate custom kaleidoscopes. When you're done, enjoy an immersive look through our super-sized, wear-able Hexascope. Crafting continues while supplies last. Hexascope available to view any time. Kid-friendly!


Wednesday afternoon

Put YOUR fun in a FUNdoshi! Learn to tie a loincloth. Material will be provided or bring your own strip (approximately 1' x 8'). While supplies last. 

Bonobo Lodge

repeats Wednesday, Thursday afternoon
also on Saturday afternoon

Participate in a sensual network. Each person is a node, touch is how we connect, every exchange strengthens the social bonds. The name comes from our primate cousins, the Bonobo chimpanzees, who resolve the tension of conflict through intimacy rather than violence (most of the time). We've adapted grooming practices seen throughout the animal kingdom to activate good-vibe hormones, which signal feelings of safety, belonging, and well-being. This is a naked experience where you should expect to touch and be touched by someone you don't already know, within a carefully structured and monitored program. All are welcome.

Fire Dance Party

Wednesday evening

Calling all fire dancers! We've got a DJ, you bring the moves. NYFD-certified fire safeties on site. 

Swing That Thing

Thursday morning

Calling all spinners, flow artists, and upper-body activators. We'll be teaching simple and complex movement patterns, to restore health and balance to your arms, shoulder girdle, and trunk. Bring your favorite prop or try out some of ours. Beginners welcome.

naked yoga

repeats Thursday, Friday morning

Yoga gradually removes the false layers covering your true self. Begin with a powerful symbolic and liberating act: strip off your Cloth Layer. This all-levels practice will focus on awakening your largest sense organ to help ground you in the present moment.

Naked Dance party

Friday afternoon

You call it Friday, we call it FREEDAY. Dance yourself clean!

bucky dome open house

Saturday AM

Check out this new method of dome construction that can built in under an hour. Requires no tools, special skills, or strength to assemble. Using the geometry of the truncated icosahedron, aka Bucky Ball, this dome frame features uniform pole lengths, isometric vertices, and a modified tensegrity system to stabilize and distribute loads. 

The Final Swing

Sunday night

After the Temple burns, have a final swing before everything comes down in the morning. Listen to chill tunes, share a story, say good-bye.