Welcome to Things That Swing

TTS for short. This is the 2018 edition, and we're out-of-our-minds crazy with excitement to celebrate our 10th consecutive year of organized madness. We're ten years young! And we're still swinging!!

TTS began in 2009 when a few friends from Brooklyn didn't know any better than to think they could produce a theme camp their first year on the playa (RADICAL SELF-RELIANCE). We made it work (COMMUNAL EFFORT) and have been back every year since (PARTICIPATION). We ranged up, down and sideways over 4:30 Avenue from Portal to Plaza, until a slightly more amplified year than we'd ever produced before (RADICAL SELF-EXPRESSION), resulted in an invitation to contribute to the 2:00 Sector (GIFTING). We couldn't have been happier with the new neighborhood (IMMEDIACY), and we're hoping to return to the far edge of the city again this year. 

Our camp vibe is usually chill, like hanging out in a neighborhood park with an extended family of friendly squatters (RADICAL INCLUSION). As our name suggests, we like things that swing; this has included swing seats, a porch swing, an aerial silk, a trapeze, many hammocks, and a few double-pendulum kinetic art mobiles (DECOMMODIFICATION). We also feature a multi-dome complex for use as community and event space. We take the 10 Principles seriously (CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY); as seriously as anything can be taken. Come check us out before we return to the dust (LNT). 

See our EVENTS page for a full list of in-camp activities. 

Take a look at our JOIN page for more information about how we camp. We're down-sizing this year, so space for new campmates will be limited.