Welcome to Things That Swing!

TTS for short. It's 2016, and we've been placed on Donatello @4:15. 

TTS was started in 2009 by a few friends from Brooklyn with the crazy idea of producing a theme camp their first year to the playa. We made it work and have been back every year since, ranging up down the 4:30 Avenue from Portal to Plaza. For the past 4 years, it's been our pleasure to bring theme camp interactivity to the 4:30 Plaza and the "Inner Esplanade" on G Street, which feels a lot more like home to these Brooklyn burners than the Manhattan-like frenzy of the Esplanade. 

Our camp vibe is on the chill side, like hanging out in a neighborhood park, with an extended family of friendly squatters. As our name suggests, we like things that swing; this has included swing sets, a porch swing, an aerial silk, shaded hammocks, and double-pendulum kinetic art mobiles. We also feature multiple domes of our own design for use as community and event spaces. 

Check out our EVENTS page for a full list of in-camp activities you're welcome to join. 

Speaking of joining: we're full up of swingers for 2016. You're welcome to look at our JOIN page for more information about how we camp.